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  Established in 1991 SURE THING CO., LTD is a Taiwan owned company. The business range covers mechanical product, electronic product. Let us introduce our business as the following:
I. Mechanical division
1. Vehicle component –
We are supplying the components for shock absorber to the shock absorber manufacturers not onlyfor motorcycle & car application but also for train , tram high speed train and construction vehicle scattered around theworld on routine base now.These components are piston rod, sintered metal powder parts for piston,rod guide, valve and etc, spring, shock body made from Aluminium or Steel as well as the specificdesign parts which requires precise machining process. We have the unique warranty policy in the world for these components –zero defect.
2. Complete shock absorber for OEM.
3. Swaged tubes.
4. Ball joints.
5. Spare parts & Accessories For Motocycle, Car.
II. Electronic division
1. Score board –
With years expertise in the application of LED, LCD and computer software we are supplying the score board for sports application either in professional and non professional field. Depending on different sizes, there are models good for application on desk, on stand, also hung on wall or ceiling. Also we manufacture the product according the specification of our clients to serve special purpose.
2. Digital clock –
Composed of different display of second, minute, hour, and date LED in different color. There are models good for hanging on wall for indoor application, models with large dimension and super bright LED or LED with water/whether proof function for outdoor application are also available. Additional features and functions can be added to our existing product line upon the request of our customer.
3. Digital clock with wireless transmission good for long distance application and skip the wiring work.
4. Number call set(simple queuing system)
5. Time recorder –
Mechanical type incorporate minute & hour hand type and digital display metalwheel printing can withstand severe environment and heavy duty work load .While electronic type using LCD, dot matrix printer head good for low noise application and punctuality is getting popular in world market.Time card , card rack made from Metal and plastic is within our offering range .
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